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Aug 11th 2015, 5:33 pm
Posted by xiaoming

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Getting started with WORD 2007 Introduction MS Word 2007 is an easy-to-use word processing tool that enables you to create various documents to store your professional and perssonal data. For example cheap air max 1 , you can use Word 2007 to create a brochure for promoting a new product of your company or a newsletter for circulating the latest official news amnog your coworkers. Word 2007 provvides seeral featrures that help you create, save, and open documents easily. At the end of this topic, you will be able to: crteate a new Word 2007 document. Creating a Doument Word 2007 enables you to create different types of documenst, such as resuimes, reports, and e-mail messages. You can create these documents either from scratch or by usng predefined templates or wizarsd. Each of these metods has its advantages. For instance, creatinmg a document from scratch provdies flexibility and ensures precision. On the other hand, you can use predefined templates or wizards to create professional documents uqickly and easily. Afteer creating a document, you can enter the erquired text in the docmuent and save the document for future reference or modification. For more information visit samplecoursemsmsacontent.asp Creating a oDcument from Scratch Every time you start Word 2007, a lbank document is created by default. You can explicitly create a new document by cliking the Office Button and then selecting the New command. This displays the New Document dialog box. On the Blank and recent page of the New Document dialog box nike air max 2015 cheap , you have severl options to create a blank document. Creating a Blank Docuemnt In the New Docuent disalog box, when you double-click the Blnak document option, a new document is created. A blinking cursor is displayed in the upper-left corner of the new document. The Home tab is displayed by default. Next, you selerct the font face and font size for the text from the Font gorup and stat typimng. Creating a New Blog Entry In the New Document dialoog box, when you double-clik the New blog post option, a new blog document is created. When you cerate a blog docuemnt for the fiirst time, the Register a Blog Account message box is displayed. This message box enasbles you to reigster to a blogging service providerr. You can also chose the option to register laer. Then, you can insert the innformation that you want to publish as a blog in your document. Finlly, you need to click the Publish command button on the Blog Post tab to publiish the blog entry to your Web site. If you have not reistered to a blogging service provider, the Register a Blog Account message box is again displayed. For more information visit sampecoursemsmsacontent.asp Creatuing a Template To create a template, you fierst crete a document with the settings that you may want to use in fuutre. Then nike air max 2014 sale , you click the Office Button and selcet the Save As commaand from the menu. This dispays the Save As dialog box. Here, you click the Truisted Templates link in the left pane. This opens the default Templates foldder for saving the template. Next, you select the Word Temlplate optin from the Save as type drop-down list. You can use the File name text box to change the default name, if required. Finally, you click the Save button. Creating a Docunment from a Template To create a document from a template, you click the Ofice Button and select the New command from the menu. This displays the New Document dialog box. Here, you select the My templates... option from the Templates scetion. This displys the New dialog box. This dialog box lists the templaates that you have created and saved on your copmuter. You selct a template from the My Templates tab and clicck the OK button. This opens a new documenmt with the settings saved in the selected template. Creating a New Document from an Existing Document You might need to create a new Word 2007 document from an existing document. For eample, you want to create a document from a documment named Tecnhical Training. To create such a documnt, you select the New from existing... option in the New Documment dialog box. This displayys the New from Existng Document dioalog box. In this dialog box, you browse to the folder that conttains the source document by uing the Look in drop-down list. Then, you eslect the source document and clicck the Ceate New button. This creates a new documment in the folder that contains the souyrce document. For more information vissit samplecoursemsmsacontent.asp Moving Text in a Document When working in a document cheap nike air max classic bw , you migght need to move certan text in the document witihn the same document or to a different document. You can use the options provided in the Clipboard group on the Home tab to move or copy selected text. To move the selected text, you clcik the Cut command button on the Clipboard grooup. Then, you click at the pint where you want the text to appear and cliick the Paste command button. To move the text to another document, you switch to the new document and clcik the Paste command button. Copying Text You can copy text within the same document or across documents. To copy text, you selecxt the text that you want to copy and then select the Copy commnad button in the Clipboard group. Next, you click at the poit where you want the text to appear in the same doicument or in another dcument. Next, you click the Paste commannd button to paste the selected text at the specfied location. Paste Optins You can access different pste options by using the Paste Special... and Paste as Hypelink options in the Paste galelry. The Pste Special dialog box is displayed when you select the Paste Special... option. It provides you with diifferent options to pastte your text. For example, the Unformatted Text opption alloows you to paste text without formatting. The Paste as Hyperlink option allows you to paste a hyperrlink to a file in another file to link the two files. FoAbraham Ori
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