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che gogo

Here are a few pointers to live by if you are modifying your BMW

Jun 15th 2016, 6:59 pm
Posted by chegogo

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Time: Jun 16th 2016, 10:30 am

OK, So you picked up this new Carbon bicycle rim BMW. Dope. Congrats! You made a fantastic choice. The car appears to be just about perfect, most likely, but since you're the type of stickler who desires excellence and stunning performance, you are still going to fiddle with to bmw even more. And it is nothing to be ashamed of! The BMW modding arena is chock full with enthusiasts just like you. Simply because it's a lavish, expensive car certainly does not mean you must feel ashamed of tweaking or modifying it - if you do it properly.

Here are a few pointers to live by if you are modifying your BMW

Rule 1: Stay elegant.
If you are going to improve the body of the vehicle, opt for something elegant and understated. No wild flairs or projections or huge spoilers bolted onto the poor vehicle. Please, this is a nice German car. No lights under the car. No loud, nasty muffler which makes your car sound like a Subaru. And certainly no vinyl decals along the side. Seriously, bro.

Now and then, as in this specific instance, less is more. I understand you may want to add a fast and the furious style spoiler to the butt of your car and get oodles of attention, but that wouldn't be not good attention. You can also head out of the house wearing a neon pink cutoff shirt, but you would not do so, Correct? No! rather,, a classy set of slacks or a nice button-upwill say "I went through the time and effort to make this look nice." The same goes with BMW Parts.

Rule 2: Absolutely No Chrome. Seriously. Never..
If it's shiny, it does not have a place on your BMW. If you have a desire to upgrade the rims, your alternatives are silver, gunmetal, matte black, or brushed aluminum. from time to time, more experienced modders can make beautiful Moutain bicycle frame things happen with Polished, multicolored, or Gold Anodized wheels, but this necessitates theme-awareness and adherence to a theme. You probably should talk to a wheel firm who seriously knows this stuff before you attempt to make Gold rims fit properly on your unmodified car!

Rule 3: All things in moderation!
This celebrated cliché applies to a lot of facets in daily life. A single beer is enjoyable! 13 beers, that's a different story. When it comes to personalizing your BMW, follow the same principle. Carbon fiber is a good way to introduce a racy appearance and theme to your car. In reasonable amounts. There is simply not a need to overdo it by leaving the entire carbon fiber bonnet Tubeless mtb rims and bootlid exposed. There's no need to get the door handles made out of carbon fiber. You understand the idea. This same thing is true of the "murdered out" motif. Blacked out wheels and dark tinted windows do look great. Sometimes even darkened tail lights are nice, as well. Though if I can't see your car in the dark because your tail lights, head lights, rims, windows, and everything else are all jet black.. well... overkill.

Rule 4: Don't Buy junk
You paid for a quality car. Put quality enhancements on it. abstain from the $200 eBay headers. Avoid the $10 angel eye lights. Stay away from the no-brand wheels. Yeah, you can probably save a handful of cash in the short run, but you'll lose drivability, you will shell out more in the long run to replace it (or correct the damage done to your car), and most of the time, it will just look like junk when it's installed on your car. If you're choosing between bargain shopping on BMW Parts or remaining stock - remain stock.
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