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Riding on flat tires is the worst thing

Nov 3rd 2016, 5:32 pm
Posted by chegogo

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Location: XC MTB rims

Time: Nov 4th 2016, 9:30 am

A survey by the Australian government XC MTB rims revealed that average daily bicycle trips increased by 20.9% between 1986 and 2010. To ensure that your bike can handle so many trips without incident, you need to know how to take good care of it. Here are a few tips to help you take good care of your 50mm carbon tubular wheelset so that it lasts even longer for many more bike trips.

Using The Right Components And Tools

Each manufacturer would recommend specific types of brake pads to be used with 50mm carbon tubular rims. For instance, cork ceramic composite brake pads are designed to produce minimal heating. Since overheating can affect carbon wheels, it is essential that you follow the manufacturer's recommendations. This will ensure that you don't cause damage to the wheels just by using the wrong brake pads.

Washing Your Bike

There is no problem with normal washing of your carbon bicycle using warm soapy water. However, you should be extra careful while washing sections close to the bearings and cranks. You shouldn't aim water directly onto these sections; otherwise you will wash the grease out. If such components are particularly greasy, use of a bike-safe degreaser is recommended. Adding extra protection after rinsing and drying will also help. This can be done by applying bike polish.

Dealing With Flats

Once in a while, you might end up Moutain bicycle frame with a flat tire. This is no big deal unless you mess up while fixing it. The type of tools you use for fixing flats is critically important. With 50mm carbon tubular wheels you should use plastic tire levers instead of metal ones, which can damage the wheels.

Riding on flat tires is the worst thing you can do on any type of bike. It is even worse with carbon wheels. Doing this puts the sidewalls of the rim at risk of delamination due to continuous contact with the pavement. To avoid such incidences, make sure to check the tire inflation before setting out on any ride.

Proper Handling Of Sew-Up Tubular Carbon Wheels

Extra care is needed for sew-up tubular wheels. Such rims require gluing of the tires onto the rims. To be sure of a tight fit, you first need to scuff the rims lightly using steel wool before you glue the tires on. This helps in cleaning out obstructive particles and abrading the surface.
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